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The medical profession accepts and supports the use of electrically pulsed magnetic fields to help relieve pain.
Bioflow mimics these through a patented static magnetic field known as Central Reverse Polarity (CRP).
It is completely safe and does not require electrical power.

Bioflow for people

Bioflow products are available to suit any age or budget.

Our Premier range offers a choice of elegant designs for all occasions.

An increasing number of young people are reporting benefits from magnotherapy. The Adventure is available in styles designed for children, and appeal to both sexes.

Bioflow has proved to be tremendously popular with sports people, many of whom have reported improved performance.

Bioflow for animals

We have also developed a range of Bioflow products to be used by animals

The equestrian world has been using Bioflow boots and wraps for horses with great success for many years.
The Horse Rug contains 40 CRP modules, each one mimicking a pulsed field.

There are hugely popular Bioflow collars for both dogs and cats.

Bioguard and Biophone use bio-resonance feedback and work by mirroring our cells natural healthy frequenciesand, in feeding them back to our body, effectively neutralise the potentially damaging unnatural frequencies.

Biophone can be aplied directly to a mobile or cordless phone, and Bioguard can be worn as a pin or pendant. Both will help protect from the threat of radiation from phones and other environmental worries, such as overhead pylons.

A recent clinical trial has been carried out on people claiming problems with mobile phones, and using Biophone was found to reduce complaints by an amazing 42%
See for results of this trial, and much more.)

Thermoflow is one of our most successful products, and is specifically designed for domestic heating and water systems.
The products take seconds to fit, require no pipe cutting, and simply strap on to the inoming fuel line.

Customers cannot believe the difference it makes. Savings on your gas bills for example, will be at least 10-12%.

H2flow just straps on to the incoming water supply pipe, and gives a constant flow of magnetically treated water.
Numerous studies have shown that passing water through a magnetc field reduces and prevents problems caused by hard water, a real problem in many areas.

Not only do we provide the proven benefits of Bioflow products to improve and protect your health, but we also produce:

Vitaflow, which gives all the health benefits of magnetically treated water.
it comes in For the table version, with a silver finished coaster, or a For the fridge version, shaped to fit in your fridge door, to provide a source of chilled water.

Nutriflow, which is a powdered drink, containing a special formulation of minerals and electrolytes, essential for keeping us healthy. Nutriflow should be taken daily.

Motoflow is extremely popular, and simply straps to the fuel line to magnetically condition fuel. No power source or maintenance is required, but real improvements in fuel efficiency (and therefore economic savings) are giving benefits to users years after fitting the product.

TianTian is a unique drink inspired by the Chinese medicinal philosophy of inner harmony and balance.
It strikes the perfect balance for people who want to look after their personal wellbeing, while also wanting to get on with their daily lives.