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Home Watch schemes - coordinated by Dorset Police - make a major contribution towards crime prevention, so for your own peace of mind - get involved!

If you have any information regarding any crime, suspected crime, or any incident listed here, please call the Dorset Police on 01202/01305 222222 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

This file sometimes pruned. If you want old reports, please email me.

March 4

  • Elmwood Way, March 1: Burglary - entry gained by smashing conservatory window
  • Bure Lane, March 1/2: Car window smashed, and mirror broken, while parked on drive
  • Ridgefield Gardens, March 2/3: Car tyres slashed, while parked on road

March 1

  • Field Way, February 4: Bike stolen from front garden
  • Ridgefield Gardens, February 10: Damage caused to parked lorry
  • Lymington Road, February 10: Damage caused to fence

February 15

  • Neacroft, January 27/28: Bike stolen from front garden
  • Waterford Road, February 1: Bike stolen from garage (which was left open)

January 19

  • Saffron Drive, January ?: Bike stolen from front garden (it was insecure)

January 9

  • Wingfield Avenue, December 17: Damage caused to vehicle parked on road. One of many in the area recently.
  • Saffron Drive, December 27/28: Damage caused to vehicle bodywork parked on road.
  • Nea Road, December 28/29: Car broken into. Stereo stolen.
  • Smugglers Lane South, December 29: Car window smashed while parked on road.

December 4

  • Rowan Drive, December 1: Garage broken into. Bike stolen.
  • Burnside, December 1: Garage broken into (padlock smashed). Tools stolen.
  • Preston Way, November 29: 4 garages broken into. Car in one also broken into.
  • You are urged to invest in a cheap shed/garage alarm. They are only 10 including batteries.
    Phone Anita on 01202 226214, who will arrange for delivery to your nearest Police Station.

November 24

  • Forest Way, November 13: Garage broken into. 2 angle grinders stolen.
  • Elphinstone Road, November 17: Garage broken into. Golf clubs stolen.
  • Saffron Way, November 21: Distraction burglary. Two males targeted elderly male, saying his fence needed mending. 180 was agreed, but 350 was charged. Afterwards it was discovered that a toolbox had been stolen.
  • Ridgefield Gardens, discovered November 21: Breakin via rear porch/conservatory while owner was away. Jewellery, cash, and china stolen.

November 8

  • Chewton Farm Road, October 31: Garage broken into. Entry gained via the side door through the back garden.

November 1

  • Glenavon Road, October 18/24: Rear window forced. Untidy search, but not known what was stolen yet.
  • Chewton Farm Road, October 22/27: Several sheds broken into in the Borough, including this one.
  • Cold calling company, offering fire and security advice. Do not have anything to do with them.

October 10

  • Nea Close, October 4/5: Attempted break in to a parked car. This is only one of several in the area.
  • Highcliffe, October: Tarmaccers and Polish picture sellers are back in the area. Do NOT deal with them.

September 20

  • Lymington Road, September 15: A suspicious male banged on a window in the afternoon saying there was a water leak. He was let into the house by the elderly victim. He left and nothing appears stolen.
  • Smugglers Lane South, September 14: Two windows smashed.